Covering banking: Twitter accounts to follow

by October 14, 2011

We all know that social media is becoming a great place to follow sources.  Here are some good Twitter accounts to follow.  (And you can find more business writers and resources in the lists created by the Reynolds Center.   @BizJournalism lists.)

Twitter Feeds:

PhilAngelides Phil Angelides
Phil Angelides was chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

dallasmwells Dallas Wells
Neil Barofsky on Twitter Dallas is a community banker and self-described finance nerd.

neilbarofsky Neil Barofsky
Neil was the inspector general for TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program. He’s currently a senior fellow/adjunct professor at NYU School of Law, and a contributing editor to Bloomberg Television.

ckhurley Cornelius Hurley
Conelius is director of the Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy. He’s a former assistant general counsel for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

CheyHopkins Cheyenne Hopkins

Cheyenne is a former American Banker reporter in Washington. She now covers Treasury for Bloomberg News.

carney John Carney
John runs NetNet, CNBC’s blog on Wall Street culture.

LizMoyer Liz Moyer
Liz covers investment banks for Dow Jones/WSJ and previously covered Wall Street for Forbes.

calculatedrisk Bill McBrideCFPB
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Bill is a full-time blogger, writing about finance and economics at Calculated Risk blog.

JoshRosner Joshua Rosner

Joshua is a managing director at Graham Fisher & Co. and is knowledgeable on the bank sector.Nick Timiraos on Twitter

NickTimiraos Nick Timiraos

Nick covers the housing/mortgage markets for The Wall Street Journal.

paulkiel Paul Kiel
Paul covers foreclosures, housing, etc. for ProPublica.

LizRappaport Liz Rappaport
Liz covers Goldman Sachs and other corners of Wall Street for The Wall Street Journal.
She notes that the opinions she expresses on this feed are hers, not her employer’s.

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