NPR’s Planet Money follows the music and the money

by January 20, 2012

Katy Perry Planet MoneyZoe Chace of NPR’s Planet Money breaks down the finances of the music industry in such a smart and accessible way. This is how Chace’s online text story begins:

“If you listen to commercial radio, this is not news: Katy Perry had a huge year. She went No.1 five times. She was the most played artist on the radio. But the record industry is so weird, it’s hard to know whether this kind of success translates into huge amounts of money.

So we asked.”


And ask she did.  Chace put together a very entertaining and informative radio story that was obviously sparked from her own curiosity about the music industry.   She mixed, numbers, music, humor and comes up with a smart and entertaining story that was the highlight of my drive-time today.

See what you think: Text story, Katy Perry’s Perfect Game Listen to the story.