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February 2012

LinkedIn: Sourcing through social networking

The one-hour webinar, “Getting LinkedIn — Sourcing through Social Networking,” took place Feb. 28, 2012. | At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to complete the self-guided training.

Covering the agriculture beat: An introduction

Agriculture may seem like a simple job. Prepare the soil, apply chemicals, plant, harvest, repeat. Right? In fact, it’s a complicated endeavor in the best of circumstance. Farming is bedrock industry that

Covering agriculture: Challenges

Covering agriculture presents some challenges, like any other business beat. Here are a few things to watch. Don’t oversimplify. Agriculture stories can be complicated. Think about how the news you

Covering agriculture: Resources and sourcing

Here are a list of resources to aid in your coverage of agriculture-related topic. People to talk to To cover the agriculture beat with precision, you have to develop rich

Who profits from the business of spring break?

With post-Mardi Gras headaches barely a thing of the past for Fat Tuesday revelers, it’s now time to consider the business angles surrounding the next bout of winter debauchery and

Covering agriculture: Glossary of terms, concepts

Understanding the basic terms associated with agriculture-related topics will give you the knowledge base to conduct solid interviews and identify key trends. To get you started, here’s a list of

Surviving earnings season: Tips to get out ahead

Nearly every day, in board rooms all over America, executives and their investor relations staff huddle around a speaker phone and put their best collective face on the financial figures

Finding business angles in Black History Month

Every February, myriad events nationwide commemorate and celebrate the country’s African American citizens.  And while many observances focus on history, heritage and culture, there are plenty of angles for business writers,

The greatest generation of business journalists

The Greatest Generation of business journalists will come from today’s university students. A perfect storm of events, technology and globalization has equipped this generation to better understand and effectively report

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