Jobs: Digital First, New York Times, Simon & Schuster

by April 17, 2013
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Photo: Paul Wilkinson


A couple of interesting online news jobs have come up recently.

Digital First Media is looking for an editor to run its business channel online.

The business editor would work in the Thunderdome project which is based in New York City. The channel has not yet launched.  The site is looking for a well-rounded, experienced business editor.

The ad for the job says the business channel manager’s duties will include “keeping the channel fresh 24/7 with the best, latest and most complete content available using shared content from Digital First Media’s sites, partner content from the several news organizations we use.

He or she would also be expected to report and produce content.


The New York Times is looking for a Digital Platforms Editor

  • 5+ years experience
  • passion for journalism in all forms
  • extensive knowledge of mobile trends
  • strong sense of The Times’s competitive landscape.


And Simon & Schuster, a business unit of CBS is looking for an editor to work on business books: Business Editor/Writer. According to the online ad, the idea candidate will be “a lively journalistic and analytical voice ot evaluate and create content.”