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August 2013

Story ideas: Robots replacing workers?

For many people, the term “robot” still calls to mind Transformers, the bustling maid from The Jetsons or the droid that shouted “Danger Will Robinson!” in “Lost in Space.” Friendly sidekick robots aren’t

Coupon trends show more digital discounts

Buyers love a bargain, and indeed it seems that U.S. consumers have become conditioned to withhold purchasing until they feel they’re getting a hefty percentage off a regular retail price. 

More on mobile food trends: food trucks

Another season of the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race” debuts on Aug. 18, and while it may not be the Super Bowl in terms of generating water-cooler conversation, it’s

Dick Weiss, Joe Winski new Reynolds Visiting Profs

Two veteran journalists have been named Reynolds Visiting Business Journalism Professors at California State University, Fullerton, and the University of Oklahoma under a $1.67 million grant from the Donald W.

Why a business creates a blacklist

A recent report by the New York Times asserted that more than 1 million consumers are being denied bank accounts because of past problems with overdraft fees and other glitches

Local used-goods scene reflects economy

If you’ve been hankering to do a story on the second-hand economy, used goods or tag sales, all of the stars are aligning to make the coming week a perfect

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