Sourcing with Social Media: Self-guided training

by November 13, 2013

The free, one-hour webinar, Sourcing with Social Media: Tips from a Corporate Sleuth, was originally held Nov. 13, 2013.

During this session, the principal in a competitive-intelligence firm will teach you how to harness social media to identify “influencers” – both regionally and nationally – in industries you cover, as well as how to contact them successfully.


  • Find people who are experts on the topics related to your story
  • Identify sources at a regional and a national level
  • Get from their handle to their real name, and find them on many sites
  • “Listen in” on these people as they broadcast across a variety of social media
  • Determine their tone related to the topic – pro/against, etc.
  • Determine the extent of their reach; when they talk, how many people listen?
  • Determine the best way to reach out to them and make contact
Sean Campbell, principal, Cascade Insights

Sean Campbell


Sean Campbell is a co-owner of Cascade Insights, a competitive-intelligence and market-research firm near Portland, Ore., that serves the technology industry. Before founding Cascade in 2006, he co-created and sold 3 Leaf, a technical consultancy that worked for some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Microsoft and Intel.

He teaches courses in industry analysis and competitive intelligence in Willamette University’s MBA Program.

His book, “Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence,” which he co-authored with Cascade co-owner Scott Swigart, was listed as a best read by the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Association for 2009 and 2010.

View or download this Cascade Insights primer to learn more about Campbell’s company.


Check out the session materials below for tips for finding valuable sources with social media.

Session recording

PowerPoint presentations

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