PRNewswire blog is full of useful tips for journalists

by May 6, 2014

PRNewsWire Beyond Bylines blog


If you stop by regularly, you know that I enjoy finding new (and sometimes unusual) resources for journalists.  Digging into LinkedIn, finding company tutorials on Slideshare. Finding insight on local economies by browsing Indeed or thinking about a new way to cover corporations while listening to TED Talks Social Good Playlist.

Anywhere people are interested in learning new things and sharing, there are lessons to be learned… and perhaps stories to unearth.

Today I want to share a new blog on PRNewswire. Beyond Bylines: Covering the intersection of journalism, emerging media and blogging.

This recent Beyond Bylines’ Faster Fact Checking series will be particularly useful for journalists.

PRNewswire is full of useful information for journalists including journalist profiles, reports on media successes and best practices like this recent Grammar Hammer: Why so Tense.

In addition to the blog, don’t forget about PR Newswire for Journalists, which features photos, graphics, and information about the companies a journalist may cover.

As the editors say in their introduction to the site: “Don’t let the name PR Newswire for Journalists dissuade you. Any content creator — whether you’re a journalist, freelancer or blogger — can set up a customized profile to receive news based on your preferences. You can also find thousands of high-resolution photos on our Photo Archive, and connect with brands through ProfNet for upcoming blog posts and articles”