A (very) warm welcome to Phoenix

by July 30, 2014

I received a warm welcome to Phoenix when I joined the Reynolds Center as its new director earlier this month — a very warm welcome. Two weeks after my arrival, the temperature soared to 114F. I got used to hearing the announcers at KJZZ public radio calmly telling the audience that the evening’s low would be 90F. Micki Maynard, Reynolds director

Now, I’ve  joined that hardy group of Phoenicians who have learned to keep drinking water, stay out of direct afternoon sun, and keep plugging, despite temperatures that would wilt people in my native Midwest.

In my short time at Reynolds, it’s been great working with the team, which we expect to grow this fall when we bring our new marketing manager on board. (Stay tuned for that announcement.)

Reynolds already has an established brand as the leader in training business journalists and offering useful information that helps them learn and do their jobs. A key milestone for us is just about to happen, when Reynolds launches its online graduate certificate in business journalism in August.

We’re also beginning a new program of custom training, in which Reynolds crafts specific workshops based on a newsroom’s needs. We’ll offer more details soon on how your news organization can participate.

I’m excited that Reynolds will be broadening its focus to help international journalists. And, we want to make sure that any journalist who needs assistance with money topics, whether it’s sports, education, politics or something outside the business section, can come to us for tips.

Along with my duties at Reynolds, I’ll continue to contribute to Forbes.com, where I blog on automotive, transportation and other ways of  getting around. This spring, Forbes published my eBook, Curbing Cars: America’s Independence From The Auto Industry, the 12th in its swiftly growing eBook series.

Please let us know how we can help. Email me directly at micheline.maynard@asu.edu.

Looking forward to meeting you in Phoenix, or at a workshop, conference or training program. I’ll be happy to tell you about the difference between 103F and 114F.