All About Reynolds Custom Newsroom Training

by September 5, 2014
Baton Rouge business journalists

Reynolds Custom Training was kicked off in Baton Rouge, La.

You’ve just been named business editor, only to discover no one else on your staff has a business news background.

You’ve watched from the sidelines as other publications have built their brands through social media. Meanwhile, you can’t seem to get anyone to become your friend.

Your promising reporter has come up with an acre of great data, but can’t take it from research to series.

We can help.

Introducing Reynolds Custom Newsroom Training. It’s our new fee-based training, aimed at meeting the specific needs of journalists who come in contact with money topics. Think of it as ordering a custom suit (although most likely for much less than Prince Charles pays). It’s made to fit you.

The day begins at a Reynolds Custom Newroom training session.

The day begins at a Reynolds Custom Newroom training session.

Here’s a primer on what you can expect, when you ask for our help.

1) We come to you.

Reynolds Custom Newsroom Training takes place where you are. We’ll come to your newsroom, conference room, or offsite retreat.

2) We tailor a program for your needs.

We talk in advance to figure out what you need. You tell us what you’d like to accomplish. We offer suggestions about addressing the situation you present to us.

3) We charge based on your size and requirements.

We want smaller newsrooms to be able to benefit from custom training, and we’re also here to help big news organizations. You decide which members of your staff you would like to attend. One-on-ones can be part of the day, too.

Here are some of the topics we can help with.
  • Story ideas. Over and over, editors tell us they’re having trouble getting journalists, especially beginners, to come up with story ideas. Never fear. We’ve got lots of tips.
  • Organizing features and projects. These days, journalists are awash in data. We can help them turn into stories, then build the layers from a single story to a series or even an eBook.
  • Thinking like a business journalist. It happens all the time: newly hired reporters are told, “You’re joining the business desk.” Only one problem: they didn’t study business journalism in school. By the end of the session, they’ll know some basics.
  • Finding the money in my beat. From sports and politics to education and the environment, journalism abounds with financial stories. There is a learning curve, and we’ll help your staff take the first steps.
  • Social media. Believe it or not, some people and news organizations are still resisting joining the trend toward self-promotion. What are the best ways to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, to help get the word out about your work?

Here’s how a typical Reynolds Custom Newsroom Training session might go.

We arrive in your city the night before, in time to meet you, your fellow editors, and anyone else you think it would be helpful to know ahead of the session. The next day, we might start the morning with presentations on a selection of the topics we’ve listed above, or on others that you’d like a group to hear. The afternoon can be broken into small groups or one-on-ones, for brainstorming, guidance and perhaps just for inspiration.

Interested? Contact Reynolds Director Micheline Maynard at or at (602) 496-5176. We’d love to help.