Delia Ephron, numbers worrier

by October 29, 2014

Delia Ephron is a humorist, author, producer, and, oh yes, the sister of the late director and writer Nora Ephron. It also turns out that she worries about numbers.

Author Delia Ephron, image via IMDB.

Author Delia Ephron, image via IMDB.

Recently, she appeared in New York with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal as part of the public radio program’s live road shows. Ephron, the author of Sister Mother Husband Dog Etc., said she’s a user of Uber, the app that lets you summon a ride on demand.

But, as it turns out, Ephron doesn’t have the best Uber rating. The app allows drivers to rate their passengers, with 5.0 being the top rating and presumably, the most desirable passenger. As Ephron told Ryssdal, “I was riding uptown in an Uber car, and the driver says to me, you have a 4.5 rating. If it drops to 4.0, nobody will pick you up.”

What was the solution? “The driver said, ‘Tip five to get 5.0.'” So, she tipped him $5.

Ephron admits that her sister was the family expert when it came to finances. Although, she slipped up once. “Nora always said we shared half a brain. She was great with the stock market, except that she told me to sell my Apple stock four years ago,” Ephron said.

But she told Ryssdal she isn’t concerned at her lack of fiscal expertise. “The great thing about collaborating is that you don’t need to know everything. If they know those things, you don’t have to. ”

The Marketplace road show concludes for the year next month in Los Angeles, when Amy Poehler and Norman Lear will join Ryssdal on stage.