Fall Brings Changes At BusinessJournalism.Org

by October 5, 2014

Fall is a time for fresh starts. This month, we’re kicking off some new features for BusinessJournalism.org. We have two missions in mind: serving as a resource for any journalist’s needs on stories that have to do with money. And, tipping you off to top conversations taking place about the business world.

The beautiful banks of the Red Cedar River in E. Lansing, Michigan.

The beautiful banks of the Red Cedar River in E. Lansing, Michigan.

Here’s a list of what you can expect.

Must Read Money Stories. Each day by noon ET, we’ll bring you the top stories we think anyone covering money should know about. We’ll also offer tips for how you can jump on those stories if you choose to follow up.

Feature stories. A new group of writers, including veteran travel journalist Benet Wilson, public broadcaster Dustin Dwyer, and myself, will be bringing you information, analysis and ideas on money topics. Prepare to be enlightened, entertained and to look smart to your boss when you pitch a similar idea.

Short stories. Throughout the day, we’ll pop up links, videos, graphics, and other quick takes on business journalism and business news.

Global looks. Although our primary audience is in the United States, we know journalists all over the world need help understanding money and the economy. We’re here for you, too.

Our Reynolds crew speaks French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi and Mandarin, and we know how to track down Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Italian speakers. Give us a try.

Beyond all this, our Contributing Producer Zach Bergson is coming up with other features. Down the road, you can watch for us to branch out further, in a number of multi-media ways (we’re not giving away all our plans just yet). And, long-term we’ll be freshening and reorganizing our website. You will still be able to find all the helpful content you’ve come to expect from Reynolds, however.

Now, we can use your help.

Spot a story that you think might be a good Must Read Money Stories candidate? Email me micheline.maynard@asu.edu with Must Read Money Stories in the subject line.

Find a link that we ought to post? Send that to us with News in the subject line.

And always, let us know how we can help in other ways.