Introducing Business Beat Basics, our first eBook

by December 16, 2014

The Reynolds Center Guide to Business Beat Basics Ebook CoverOne of the most popular features on our website has always been our Business Beat Basics. Now, the Reynolds Center has collected all those tips in a handy eBook.

The Reynolds Center Guide To Business Beat Basics is a one-stop place to find all the advice we offer from experienced journalists covering money. Inside, you’ll find chapters encompassing 17 beats, from agriculture and the economy to sports, manufacturing and technology.

Business Beat Basics was conceived and produced by Reynolds Assistant Director Elizabeth Mays. It is the first in a new series of eBooks from Reynolds. In early 2015, look for Top Money Journalism 2014, which will include articles and photographs from journalists covering money.

You can enter our Top Money Journalism 2014 contest here.

Business Beat Basics can be accessed here for free. It’s a perfect course tool for professors who want to give their students an understanding of how to cover money. It’s a great resource for reporters who are handed a new topic that they don’t know anything about.

And, it is also a good background guide for anyone who is interested in money and how it’s covered by journalists. Of course, Business Beat Basics overflows with story ideas and links to the best coverage about money.

Now, check out our first eBook, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to add or update.