Calling all teachers: how to use our podcast in class

by January 23, 2015


Our Reynolds Center podcast, How To Cover Money has made its debut. And now, it’s being schooled.

We’re offering a weekly lesson plan, matched to each episode, that can be used by teachers and professors. How To Cover Money episodes run about 10 minutes, and a new episode is posted each weekend. The theme of Series One is, “Thinking like a business journalist, even If you’re not one.”

Here are some ideas for using the lesson plan.

  1. Play each week’s episode in class, then lead a discussion.
  2. Assign the podcast to your students as homework, then ask them to talk about it afterward.
  3. Ask your students to blog about each week’s episode.
  4. Come up with more tips than the ones we’ve offered (and we might feature them on future podcast episodes).

However you’d like to use How To Cover Money in your classes, the lesson plan is free for the asking.

Just email us at, and put “Podcast Lesson Plan” in the subject line. We’ll add you to our email list.