Must Read Money Stories for Friday, Jan. 30

by January 29, 2015


Super Bowl tickets are crazy expensive. How much would you pay, really, to go to the Super Bowl? Bloomberg reports you could have gotten in for a smooth $3,000 to $4,000 in recent years. But this year? The average price for scalped tickets is soaring above $6,000. Check out the story to find out why.

Republicans triple-dog dare Obama to veto. The Senate approved legislation to allow the controversial Keystone Pipeline XL yesterday. As Roll Call notes, President Obama has vowed to veto the legislation. But Republicans made the issue a priority soon after taking over control of the Senate. Be prepare for more posturing, finger pointing and all-around unpleasantness from both sides as this moves forward.

What’s next for McDonald’s? The board of McDonald’s sent the company’s CEO packing late Wednesday, and investors cheered the news yesterday by giving McDonald’s its best day on Wall Street since 2008, according to Crain’s Chicago. McDonald’s stock has been dropping as the company struggles to compete against newer, often healthier, fast-food options out there. The new CEO hails from Great Britain, so that’s something.

Same old at Sundance. They came. They saw. They bid. But the Wall Street Journal reports internet upstarts including Netflix and Amazon failed to seal the deal with the most sought-after films of this year’s Sundance Festival. What does that mean for the rest of us? We’ll be watching next year’s most anticipated films in the theater, not on our comfy couches.