How To Cover Money, Series 1, Episode 2: Story Ideas

by February 23, 2015

The Reynolds Center podcast, How To Cover Money, is in its first season on iTunes.

Each week, co-host Mark Remillard and I look at topics that are useful in learning to think like a business reporter, even if you’re not one. A new podcast episode is uploaded to iTunes every weekend.

Our podcast is free, and you can download it here or listen below. Each podcast runs about 10-15 minutes, making it a quick feature that you can play in class or assign as homework.

Episode 2 of the Reynolds Center podcast explores a common newsroom problem: story ideas. Here are some questions you can ask your class.

  1. How have you come up with some story ideas? Are there some tips you can share with the class?
  2. Let’s talk about the way you think an interview should go. Is it better to stick to the questions you wrote in advance? Or, should you abandon them when a better idea comes up?
  3. According to the podcast, sometimes, the end of one story is the beginning of the next one. Have you ever gotten a new story out of your old story?
  4. We know that lists are great ways to find story ideas. What are some places you’ve found lists? What are some other suggestions for finding lists?
  5. How often do you talk to new people for stories, or do you find yourself talking to the same people all the time?
  6. Let’s share some of our own tips for coming up with story ideas.


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