Must Read Money Stories for Friday, Feb. 6

by February 6, 2015


Pascal out at Sony, who’s next? Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal got the ax yesterday, two months after a massive hack sent her company into turmoil. The Hollywood Reporter takes a speculative look behind the curtain to try to decipher why the decision from Sony leaders in Japan came at the time it did, and what might be coming next — namely, more people getting fired. But hey, Pascal will stick on as a producer for the Ghostbusters remake and Spider-Man. That’s something.

RadioShack files. Check out the coverage of the RadioShack bankruptcy filing from one of the company’s local newspapers, the Dallas Morning News. The paper has the details of the filing, and what it means for jobs — about a thousand jobs are expected to be eliminated in Texas alone. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, just a reminder that The Onion called this years ago.

When women earn more. FiveThirtyEight’s Dear Mona (Mona Chalabi) digs in on the question of what percentage of women out-earn their husbands in America. Turns out, in 38 percent of heterosexual marriages in America, the woman makes more money than the man. But their are a lot of details in the piece beyond that top-line statistic, and some good story ideas.

The VA’s living dead. The Tampa Bay Times talks to a woman who was declared dead by the government. Which is weird, because she’s not dead, and she never was. Mary Ann Clough showed the paper a letter from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs that offered condolences for her death, and notified her that it would stop sending benefit payments. She was able to get it sorted out, but she’s not the only person who’s had this problem.