Must Read Money Stories For Tuesday, Feb. 10

by February 10, 2015


Get on the couch. There’s a new way to cope with your money stress: Financial therapy. The New York Times’ Paul Sullivan visited the Financial Therapy Clinic at Kansas State University recently, where his stress level was analyzed during a series of questions about his family’s finances. Unlike financial counselors who usually swoop in to help an individual in times of crisis, a financial therapist’s job is to “understand the stories we tell ourselves, true or not, about money — or in the parlance of the field, our ‘money scripts.’”

Motor City’s rebirth. Recode is going long this week with a multiple-article series focused on Detroit’s future. Part I discusses 53-year-old billionaire Dan Gilbert’s efforts to bring new companies and opportunities to his hometown. Gilbert owns more than 70 buildings in the Motor City.

Tesla vs. Apple. Elon Musk’s electric car company has poached more than 150 Apple employees, according to Bloomberg. A silicon valley recruiter says Tesla “attracts the same kind of employees that Apple does — driven, hard-charging, and drawn to a strong leader.” Musk isn’t just hiring software programmers either — Bloomberg says, retail, law and public relations experts have been snatched up from Apple as well.

How France made the Smallpox vaccine cool. Smallpox was the scourge of Europe in the 18th century and even took the life of French monarch King Louis XV, so his grandson, King Louis XVI, decided to get inoculated against the disease. In order to become immune, a healthy patient had to be injected with the puss of an infected patient suffering from a mild form of the disease, which, as you could imagine, had plenty of risks involved. Nevertheless, Louis XVI got inoculated and to celebrate his immunity he had Parisian milliners create a special headdress that, according to PRI, “took off as the fashionable ‘it’ item of the day,” and encouraged his citizens to get the procedure.