Must Read Money Stories for Wednesday, Feb. 11

by February 11, 2015


Men leaving desks. There were two separate news stories yesterday involving men who sit at desks and talk into a camera. In the first story, Jon Stewart announced he would soon be leaving his job at the Daily Show. The Onion’s A.V. Club carries the news. The second story was about Brian Williams. NBC announced he’s getting six months unpaid suspension for misstating the events of what happened to him in the early days of the Iraq War. NBC News reports the story, and will do its own investigation into Williams’ other off-air comments.

Raising gas taxes, fixing roads? NPR reports that a dozen states are currently considering higher gas taxes to pay for new road and infrastructure repairs. Gas tax increases might seem more palatable during a time of low gas prices, but NPR says the idea of raising taxes is still dicey in many states, even those with crumbling roads.

Running out of gas. Meanwhile, the drop in gas prices continues to take a toll on regions that depend on the oil industry. The Houston Chronicle reports on a new round of layoffs announced yesterday by Halliburton. The paper says falling gas prices have led to 30,000 job cuts in the industry worldwide.

How much would you pay? Tickets to Burning Man go on sale today. SFGate reports it’ll cost you $390 bucks to get into this years desert festival of weirdness. So yeah. People pay that.