Must Read Money Stories for Wednesday, Feb. 25

by February 25, 2015


Key moves on Keystone. Welp, he did it. As expected, President Obama vetoed legislation passed by the Republican-led Congress that would have paved the way for an oil pipeline stretching from Canada to Texas. Politico has the scoop on what moves may come next for the controversial $8 billion proposal.

Nothing but Net. The New York Times reports the F.C.C. is set to issue a landmark decision on net-neutrality tomorrow. Both sides of the debate now seem to expect that “net-neutrality” will become the F.C.C.’s official policy. That decision would give the government the ability to regulate the internet much as it does with public utilities. And it would prevent internet providers from charging companies like Google and Netflix extra money to deliver their sites with faster speed.

Is your 401(k) okay? The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case that could eventually affect millions of Americans’ 401(k) plans. The legal question is whether employers have any responsibility to monitor the fees that investment companies are charging to manage the plan. And, whether workers can sue if they find out later that their employer failed to get the best deal. The L.A. Times has the details of the case.

There’s no business like snow business. A man in Massachusetts has taken to packing up the snow in his yard, and shipping it to people in warmer climates, for a hefty fee. This idea is so brilliant, it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before. It’s also so ridiculous, it’s a wonder anyone is paying for the snow. But they are. The Boston Globe has the story.


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