How To Cover Money: First Podcast Season Complete!

by March 23, 2015

This winter, we’ve brought you the inaugural season of How To Cover Money, the Reynolds Center podcast. Our theme for Series 1 has been “Thinking Like A Business Reporter, Even When You’re Not One.”

Now, our first podcast series is complete, and we’re excited about your response. How To Cover Money has consistently ranked among the top 100 business-themed podcasts on iTunes. Professors and teachers across the country have used our podcast in their classes, and relied on our lesson plans to spark student discussions.

My co-host Mark Remillard and I launched How To Cover Money with a simple idea: offer people ways to find the money in any story. And we’ll keep giving you tips in our podcast in doing just that.

Here's our podcast co-host, Mark Remillard.

Here’s our podcast co-host, Mark Remillard.

Mark and I are recording Series 2 of the Reynolds Center podcast, and we expect to begin posting new episodes in April. Our theme next season is, “Tips From Top Journalists.”

The new series will be accompanied by the latest eBook in the Reynolds Center series. And we’ll have some special guests joining us, including noted technology journalist Dan Gillmor, a professor of practice at the Cronkite School; Ben Bergman from KPCC public radio, and Michael Grabell of ProPublica, the gold medal winner of the 2015 Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism.

Meanwhile, if you missed any episodes of How To Cover Money, you can catch up on iTunes.

Here’s a track listing of Series 1. Just click on our Podcasts tab to find the lesson plans.

Week 1: Thinking Like A Business Reporter, Even When You’re Not One

Week 2: Help Me Come Up With Story Ideas

Week 3: The Elements Of Business Feature Stories

Week 4: Writing Business For Broadcast

Week 5: Asking The (Good) Dumb Question

Week 6: Finding The Best Sources

Week 7: Dealing With Big Name Business Leaders

Week 8: Interviewing Small Business Owners

Week 9: Covering The Business Of Sports

Week 10: Politics And Money


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