Must Read Money Stories For Tuesday, March 31

by March 31, 2015

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Tesla’s new product. No one is quite sure what Elon Musk will be unveiling on April 30, but it’s definitely not a car. Our own Micheline Maynard writes in Forbes that Tesla’s latest product could be a home battery aimed at homeowners with solar panels who aren’t on the grid. Musk also mentioned that Tesla was working on a home battery that would begin production in six months during a fourth quarter earnings call, so this theory sounds promising.

Making robotic surgery safer. Google is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to create a new platform for robotic surgery, Wired writes. Robot-assisted surgeries have been around for decades, but they aren’t what you’d imagine; typically, the machines are used to make delicate incisions that humans are incapable of making and relay crucial video images to surgeons. No one knows exactly what the two companies are planning, but Wired says improving 3-D imaging and HD technology is a big part of their project.

Financial aid expanded in Palo Alto. Stanford announced last Friday that families with incomes below $125,000 won’t have to pay a dime in tuition; the previous benchmark was $100,000. Parents who make less than $65,000 (up from $60,000) won’t have to pay tuition, room or board. Stanford’s press release also says that 16 percent of its admitted class is comprised of first-generation college students.

Valuable digital data. comScore released a valuable white paper on the state of digital media platforms last Thursday. There’s a plethora of useful data in here if you’re looking for story ideas, but there were a few numbers that caught my eye, such as LinkedIn’s 68 percent bump in unique visitors between Dec. 2013 to Dec. 2014, and the ride-sharing app Lyft’s 835 percent growth in the same period. Here are two graphs from comScore demonstrating those trends.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.17.07 AM

(via comScore)


(via comScore)


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