Must Read Money Stories for Wednesday, March 18

by March 18, 2015


The new confusing TV landscape. Customers are fleeing traditional cable contracts at a record pace, but the Wall Street Journal reports the new world of un-bundled, streaming TV has it’s own downsides: mainly confusion. With companies like Dish and, soon, Apple, looking to offer smaller, cheaper packages, consumers are mixing and matching services, and wondering what comes next.

The parched state. The entire state of California is now under some kind of water usage restriction, according to the Sacramento Bee. Regulators voted to expand the state’s current water restrictions yesterday. Most of the rules apply to yard watering. But the new rules will also prohibit restaurants from serving water unless customers ask for it specifically.

Is nothing safe anymore? Kraft Mac & Cheese, beloved Kraft Mac & Cheese, is being recalled. Kraft foods announced the recall yesterday, saying that small pieces of metal may have gotten into boxes of every child’s favorite dinner. Check out Reuters for the details.

Kendrick Lamar sets a record. Billboard reports Kendrick Lamar’s surprise album drop late Sunday led to a record first day for album streams. A total of 9.6 million people listened to at least one of the songs on To Pimp a Butterfly on Spotify on the album’s first day. That’s a lot of people. Billboard estimates the royalties from all those plays will add up to a little over $44,000.


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