Must Read Money Stories for Wednesday, March 4

by March 4, 2015


On Target. Minneapolis-based retailer Target announced plans to eliminate several thousand jobs on Tuesday. Minnesota Public Radio reports the cuts will mostly hit Target’s corporate staff in Minneapolis. MPR says Target already announced the elimination of 550 Minnesota jobs last month, after deciding to shut down its Canadian operations. What’s next for Target? More focus on online sales, duh.

Pizza politics. Who did your pizza vote for in the last election? According to Bloomberg, it was probably a Republican. Bloomberg dishes on the pizza industry’s frantic lobbying efforts in the face of increasing nutritional requirements from the government. The pizza lobby isn’t spending like crazy, but 88 percent of what they do spend goes to Republican candidates, according to Bloomberg.

An Oprah-less Chicago. On Tuesday, Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions announced it won’t renew its lease on the Chicago studio where Winfrey filmed her talk show for decades. Winfrey got her start in Chicago. She is undoubtedly one of the city’s most famous talents. But as of now, she’s officially gone Hollywood. Check out DNAinfo Chicago for the story.

All shook up. You might have recently heard about a connection between oil and gas drilling and earthquakes. EnergyWire dug up old emails showing that, in Oklahoma, state scientists have long suspected the link between the controversial drilling and seismic activity. But when one of those scientists voiced those suspicions, he was dragged into a meeting with his superiors to try to quash the claims. Gas companies are big employers in Oklahoma.


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