Listener Guide To Reynolds Podcast How To Cover Money

by March 27, 2015

You know how it is with podcasts. You get all these great ideas while you’re listening, but you’re often someplace where you can’t take the time to write them down. Like jogging, or driving your car, or zoning out on the subway.

We want to help. We’ve written the Listener Guide To How To Cover Money, the Reynolds Center podcast. It’s a free download that you can think of as a short course in finding the money in every story.

Listener Guide Cover

Here’s how it works. There’s a page for every episode in Series 1 of our podcast. Each page includes some questions that you can think about after you’ve listened to the podcast.

Then, instead of forgetting how you’re going to use the podcast, you can take what you’ve learned and figure out how it can help you.

For journalists, there are ideas on how to put the tips in each podcast episode into action.

For educators, we offer ways you can spark classroom discussions about each podcast episode.

If you haven’t gone to iTunes yet, download Series 1 of How To Cover Money. Then go here to download our new Listener Guide.

We hope this will make How To Cover Money unforgettable — and useful to you.


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