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April 2015

Star Wars Offers Money Angles

If you were on the Internet yesterday, chances are you saw that the newest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its debut, delighting many dedicated fans. With so

Western Drought Begins To Affect Housing Starts

The drought in the western United States has led to water restrictions in California and an increased awareness about the water usage by almonds and other kinds of crops. Earlier this

Why Nashville Survives, Despite Mediocre Ratings

Nashville, the ABC drama about the turbulent world of country music that airs on Wednesday nights, is the quintessential cult television show. It keeps surviving despite low ratings, and this

Avocados move far beyond guacamole

Spring is here, and so are avocados. Far beyond their most recognizable use in guacamole, avocados are popping up in high-end restaurants, and on fast food menus. They’re turned into

On Tax Day, Fixing U.S. Tax Code

Everyone’s favorite time of year is here: Tax Day. As last-minute filers send checks to the Internal Revenue Service, we thought it would be a good idea to share this Vanderbilt University

How Cities Are Trying To Attract Millennials

We’ve already looked at the trend of millennials moving to smaller, less popular cities, but what are other cities doing to attract them? Across the country, it’s becoming more and

Food And Money: Taco Bell To Your Door, And More

It’s possible to get just about anything delivered these days, depending on where you live. Amazon will bring you groceries. Starbucks will deliver coffee. And now, Taco Bell is going

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