Entertaining Business: Taylor Swift And Apple Music Have Problems

by June 19, 2015

Taylor Swift keeps a firm hand on her image and the way she markets her songs. So, her latest move when it comes to Apple’s new streaming service is worth noting.

Swift has decided not to make her latest album, 1989, available on Apple Music when it goes live later this month, according to Buzzfeed.

That’s despite the fact that the album is six months old, and has spawned multiple hit songs and videos. But Swift apparently thinks she can get more revenue out of 1989. It has been one of the best selling albums of the past year, with more than 8 million copies sold or downloaded.

Thus, Swift sees no reason to give it away, unlike other rock bands who’ve made deals with Apple.

Swift is known for resisting the streaming trend. Last November, she pulled her music from Spotify, which caused a kerfuffle within the entertaining business.

That’s despite her partnership with Kendrick Lamar, who dropped his album a week before planned on the same streaming service.

This time, Swift is allowing Apple Music to stream her back catalog, which shows there may be less bad blood between them than between her and Spotify. (Sorry.)

Apple Music will have more than 30 million songs when it launches. But not this one.

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