Must Read Money Stories For Friday, June 26

by June 26, 2015


More on Obamacare ruling. How was your day yesterday? Busy chasing stories on Obamacare? If you’re looking for a second day leads, PBS Newshour has some tidbits about the future of legal challenges against Obamacare. The Hill reports one Texas Congressman has introduced legislation that would specifically require Supreme Court justices and employees to enroll in the Affordable Care Act.

And this one too. While Obamacare hogged all the Supreme Court headlines yesterday, the Court’s ruling on the Fair Housing Act is also a huge money story. Vox has a quick rundown of what’s at stake there. In 2012, ProPublica investigated how the federal government had failed to enforce the provisions of the Fair Housing Act. That’s worth reviewing in light of yesterday’s legal case.

Oh, and one more. The Supreme Court isn’t done yet. A major ruling on gay marriage could come down today or Monday. When it happens, check back here for the money angle.

Into the streets. Driverless cars are now a thing on California’s roads, according to the Detroit News. Google announced the news yesterday. The autonomous vehicles were assembled in Michigan, and have been doing tours on test tracks for a while. But now it’s the real deal as Google sends them out onto city streets.

But what about the halibut? JSTOR Daily brings us this interesting fact: More halibut are dumped in the ocean as waste than sold to fishing markets in America. JSTOR chalks it up to a quirky byproduct of Alaska’s fishing quotas.

Rich kid. The NBA draft happened last night. You can read about the top picks, and what it all means for the game. OR, you can read on Bleacher Report about the 13-year-old kid featured during the draft broadcast who launched his own bow tie company, currently worth $200,000 in sales each year. Yeah, that’s the story I wanted to read too.