Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, June 11

by June 11, 2015


What is a Yuccie? It’s a new term that New York-based writer David Infante coined in Mashable this week, and it’s short of Young Urban Creatives. Basically, a Yuccie is a millennial who moves to a big city after college and pursues creative, meaningful work that they feel will have an impact. Infante seems to be uncomfortable with himself and his fellow Yuccies, but, in my opinion, it seems like they’re just reacting to a new reality of the labor force: working a traditional 9-to-5 job isn’t the only path available to Americans any longer.

Great career advice. A writer from the Muse attended a talk featuring New York Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir, the author of the paper’s massive nail salon investigation, in which she offered advice to aspiring reporters. Maslin Nir says the key to succeeding in journalism is accepting that your dream jobs and assignments are within your reach now, no matter your experience level. “The way you will never get ‘there’ is by thinking you’re not there yet.”

J. Crew is in trouble. The once dominant retailer is struggling to compete with the likes of H&M, Zara and Lululemon, the New York Times reports. On Wednesday, the company announced 175 job cuts and replaced its head of women’s design with the head of women’s design at Madewell, its more successful spinoff company, according to the Times. J. Crew has two problems: It missed the athleisure wear trend and its prices rose too high as competitors lowered their price tags.

City of love … and tech? Paris wants to be one of the world’s foremost tech hubs, and France’s capital is already well on its way to achieving that goal, Bloomberg writes. Facebook and Google have opened up research centers in Paris recently, and the city currently has approximately 40 incubators that host 1,500 startups.

About that carry-on … According to this Quartz infographic, the airline industry wants your luggage to be 40 percent smaller.