Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, June 18

by June 18, 2015


A new face. The U.S. Treasury announced Wednesday that it is going to put a woman on the $10 bill in 2020, according to NBC News. Advocates have been trying to get a woman on the $20 bill for some time, but the Treasury chose the $10 bill because it is overdue for a redesign. The public can voice their opinion on who should take Alexander Hamilton’s spot on the bill by voting at the New 10 website or by using the hashtag #thenew10 on Twitter.

It’s a dynasty. Hockey fans in Chicago are celebrating another championship victory with a parade and rally today after their Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightening for the Stanley Cup earlier this week. Mayor Rahm Emanuel had previously said there would be a parade “worthy of a dynasty,” so Chicago’s ABC7 tried to find out just who would be paying for the big event. Previous parades and rallies for the Blackhawks cost the city about $200,000 each, but were said to have been paid by private donors. This year, private corporate sponsors will pay for the rally at Soldier Field. For the first time, fans will have to by tickets from Ticketmaster in order to attend the rally.

Back to NBC. Newsman Brian Williams will stay with NBC News when he returns from a six-month suspension, but not as the anchor of the prime-time program Nightly News, according to TimeWilliams was suspended from the program and network four months ago after he embellished an account of his experience while covering the Iraq War. As the anchor of Nightly News, Williams was a huge draw, consistently attracting over 10 million viewers. He will most likely join the cable news network MSNBC.

Uber implications. NPR reports the California Labor Commission ruled that an Uber driver in San Francisco is a company employee and not a contractor. Not only is the company expected to pay $4,152.20 in employee expenses, including mileage reimbursements and toll charges, to the plaintiff, but the ruling could have major implications. If Uber has to recognize its drivers as employees, it would then be responsible for things like Social Security and healthcare. That could mean higher Uber prices in the future.

Flying high. FiveThirtyEight has a summer update for its listing of the best and worst airlines, airports and flights, which includes a number of helpful graphics. Make sure you check it out before heading off to a vacation destination this summer.