Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, June 25

by June 25, 2015


A career in apps? The rise of on-demand startups like Uber have produced a myriad of reporting on the growth of the freelance workforce. New York Times columnist Farhad Manjoo took a different approach yesterday: he talked to on-demand apps that actually employ their workers part-time or full-time, and found that customer satisfaction was consistently high for these companies.

A high-stake delivery. Abortion is illegal in Poland. Women can only get one if the pregnancy threatens her health and in cases of rape or incest. But thanks to a loophole in the country’s ban, it is legal for outsiders to transport abortion pills into Poland via drone, according to the Telegraph. And that’s exactly what the not-for-profit organization Women on Waves is doing. Technically, it’s illegal for Polish women to use the drone-transported pills, but there is no punishment for that crime under current Polish laws.

Why our immigration system is broken. If you need yet another compelling reason why America’s immigration system is hurting our economy, look no further than this heart-wrenching essay in Vox. The author, William Han, has lived in the U.S. for 15 years, has two Ivy League degrees, and is still on the verge of deportation.

Kevin Love opts out. But Cleveland Cavaliers fans shouldn’t freak out. The Cavs’ front office expected this and plans to re-sign the forward so he can rejoin LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. What Love is trying to do here is provide a salary cushion for himself. The 2015-16 season was his final year on his old contract, and, by opting out now, he can bargain for a sweeter deal while his game is still top notch.

Is Taylor Swift a hypocrite? T-Swift went after Apple Music for not paying musicians royalties, and now a photographer says the singer does essentially the same thing by making photographers who shoot her live shows give her free and unlimited access to their work.