Must Read Money Stories For Tuesday, June 30

by June 30, 2015


Something about chickens, roosts. NBC fired Donald Trump yesterday, in response to some incendiary, offensive things he said about Mexican immigrants. So, Donald shot back, threatening a lawsuit, according to Deadline. Meanwhile, CNNMoney looks at who might replace Trump to keep The Celebrity Apprentice on the air.

Money begets money. The Seattle Times analyzed census data to see who has benefited most from the economic recovery. Spoiler: It’s the people who were already well-off to begin with. The piece is well done, so check it out for ideas on how to cover similar stories in your area.

A man, a plan, an expansion. It’s two years behind schedule, but the Panama Canal expansion is reaching its final stages, according to the Miami Herald. The Herald reports port cities all along the Atlantic are racing to be prepared for the larger ships that will be able to navigate the new canal locks.

Fallout from Greece. Just a heads up, it’s not a good time to take a peek at your retirement account. Bloomberg reports that as markets closed on Monday, the S&P 500 was officially below where it started out the year. Same with the Dow.

Following marriage. The Williams Institute at UCLA has an interactive graphic with estimates for how much economic impact each state can expect to see from the legalization of gay marriage. Also, you know that Facebook tool all your friends are using to turn their profile pic into a rainbow flag? Facebook is probably tracking that. The Atlantic has the story.