Must Read Money Stories For Wednesday, June 10

by June 10, 2015


Investigating GM. The Wall Street Journal has word that the Justice Department is considering federal wire fraud charges against General Motors. The case involves GM’s response to a faulty ignition switch problem that has been linked to more than 100 deaths. The report is attributed to “people familiar with the matter,” but the Journal reports the Justice Department pursued a similar case against Toyota before settling last year for a record $1.2 billion penalty.

Don’t do this. The U.S. has had its share of TV news anchor scandals lately. I guess it’s time for Canada to take a turn. The CBC has fired host Evan Solomon after the Toronto Star discovered that he’d been secretly working on behalf of an art dealer to sell pricey paintings to the rich and famous people who appeared on air with him. Solomon earned a commission from any sale, which he often didn’t disclose to the buyers, let alone his bosses at the CBC.

Wait, what? Sometimes big construction projects take a little longer than expected to finish. Sometimes they go a little over budget. That brings us to the story of the newest VA hospital outside Denver, which isn’t even finished yet, and has already cost five times the original estimate. Oh, and also, funding for the still-unfinished project runs out this week. NPR has the details behind this mind-boggling story.

Danger calling. The city of Berkeley, Calif. recently passed an ordinance requiring cell phone manufacturers to place a label on the phones to warn people about radio frequencies. The warning would tell people not to wear cell phones in their pockets, or close to their chest because of exposure risk from the frequencies. Now, the Los Angeles Times reports manufacturers are fighting back with a lawsuit

Shark 4 Prez. Here is a brief list of fictional villains who are more popular than any of the real people currently running for president: The Terminator, Darth Vader, and the shark from Jaws. The list comes courtesy of a Washington Post survey. Check out the amazing results in beautiful chart form: