Must Read Money Stories For Wednesday, June 24

by June 24, 2015


Flagged down. Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and Sears all announced yesterday they’d stop selling Confederate flag merchandise. USA Today looks at the market for a wide range of Confederacy-inspired stuff. The Washington Post found an analysis of Google Shopping data to see which states searched most for Confederate merchandise. And Yahoo Finance has the story of how sales of this merchandise have soared in recent days, even as public sentiment has turned against the flag.

Work it out. The Atlantic went deep on what a more automated future may look like for humans. This one is full of big ideas about what may be next for our economy, and how people will handle life without the need for a job. Spoiler: It’s not all margaritas and hammocks.

Prison reform. The New Yorker has a long profile of one of the unlikely leaders of the prison-reform movement. Patrick J. Nolan was an “earnest law-and-order conservative” in the California legislature before he himself was sent to prison. Ever since, he’s been working to make sure fewer people end up there, and those that do have better opportunities when they get out.

A re-education. Remember former CNN anchor Campbell Brown? AdWeek has an update on what she’s doing now, and, well, she’s decided to take on the whole education establishment. All of it. Along the way, she’s trying to change how journalism gets done. Check it out.

Unseen and unheard, until now. Female night-shift janitors are at risk for sexual assault and rape, and the largest janitorial companies in the U.S. haven’t done enough to stop it. That’s according to a new investigative collaboration between KQED, Frontline, the Center for Investigative Reporting and UC Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program. It’s not an easy one to take in, but it’s worth your time.