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Five tips for covering sustainability

July 6, 2015

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Businesses are increasing their concern over sustainability and how their practices impact the environment. With more investment in going green, sustainability continues to produce money angles. Here are our top five tips for reporting on sustainability and money:

1. Cultivate what you know about clean tech.

New buildings, renovated structures and companies that offer similar goods and services make for good stories on recent clean tech advances. Ask you business sources about their energy management practices and if they’ve tried modernizing their approach to energy use with their business.

2. Spotlight green jobs.

If a company is implementing sustainable practices, many of its jobs could fit the description of green jobs. Spotlighting new jobs or how old ones have changed with improved awareness of sustainability can make for interesting features on how businesses are investing their money for a cleaner environment.

3. Watch the water.

Water is a global concern, but its scarcity is becoming a major issue for many parts of the United States. But scarcity isn’t the only concern. Check out what’s being done in your area to make sure water is being used efficiently and responsibly. What is being done to preserve water and make sure it stays clean? What are the costs to local governments and businesses?

4. Get to know the operations managers.

Almost every company has a manager that keeps costs down and runs the day-to-day business activities. These managers will have the data on efficiency measures, waste management and recycling which can help you measure a company’s sustainability efforts. Find the data and compare it with other businesses in the area. This will help identify local sustainability trends.

5. Follow up with your local environmental and conservation groups.

Not only will environmental and conservation groups get involved with local political issues, but they often affect and work with area businesses. It’s good to know the local concerns these groups have and what they feel is best on different issues. They often have events as well to raise money for different causes.

Want more? Download our “Guide to Business Beat Basics” for tips on covering money in sustainability and other beats.


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