Must Read Money Stories For Monday, July 27

by July 27, 2015

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Big donation. Campaigning for presidential nominations is under way, which means donations for candidates are starting to roll in. Republican hopeful Ted Cruz currently holds the distinction for the largest known donation so far in the 2016 campaign. A pair of Texas brothers donated $15 million to the pro-Cruz super PAC, Keep the Promise, according to CNN.

Traffic ticket. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hit Fiat Chrysler with a record $105 million fine on Sunday for failing to acknowledge and address safety defects in a timely fashion, NPR reports. The fine will also be accompanied by three years of federal oversight. The penalties follow 23 safety recalls affecting more than 11 million vehicles.

A pledge against climate change. Executives from 13 U.S. corporations are set to announce a pledge for $140 billion in investments today in order to decrease their carbon footprint, according to Bloomberg. The companies include Apple, Berkshire Hathaway Energy and Goldman Sachs. The White House expects to announce a second round of similar pledges this fall.

Video streamline. Netflix revolutionized the way people watch movies and television, reaching 65 million online streaming subscribers worldwide. While that usually gets all the attention, its DVD service is still sending movies to 5.3 million people. The New York Times looked at how the company is streamlining its original service, and how it’s keeping it profitable.

Time to binge. Speaking of streaming, it’s definitely changed the way people experience television, which has helped drive Netflix’s popularity. With the rise of streaming services, binge-watching television has become a popular way to take in an entire series. The Washington Post has a fun infographic showing just how many hours you’ll need to finish some of the most popular shows.