Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, July 2

by July 2, 2015


“Capacity discipline.” The Justice Department has opened an investigation into whether U.S. airline companies colluded in a scheme to limit competition. The New York Times reports the investigation is focused on whether airline executives worked together to keep down the total number of available seats on flight routes. Fewer available seats means higher prices for tickets. Airlines say they were just exercising “capacity discipline.”

Oregon blazes up. Pot is officially legal in Oregon. Yesterday, the state’s new recreational marijuana law took effect, but the Oregonian reports it’s a little different from some other early-adopter weed states. In Oregon, it’s legal to grow weed, and to possess weed, but not to sell it. 

No more safety net. Bloomberg has a rather complicated, but essential read on a looming issue for America’s shale drilling companies. The insurance that these companies bought to protect against falling oil prices is expiring. What will that mean for the industry?

Good luck with that. The Harvard Business Review thinks it can defy gravity, according to Nieman Lab. HBR plans to raise the cost of its subscription, while at the same time attracting 100,000 new subscribers. If it works, lots of publications are going to be studying the model.

Polar plunge. Slate has word of a new study predicting that polar bears could go extinct sooner than anyone has previously predicted. Climate change is rapidly melting away the ice floes polar bears use as launching pads for seal hunting. And the bears aren’t really equipped to hunt for prey on land. So that’s depressing.