Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, July 30

by July 30, 2015

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More time. The Federal Reserve needs more time to decide when to raise interest rates, Bloomberg reports. But it’s not a question of if the Fed will raise rates, but when and how gradual it will be. Don’t know what this all means? Watch this video from the New York Times.

Growing up wealthy. This might not be a surprise. The Atlantic talked to some researchers who found there’s a direct correlation between parents and children when it comes to wealth, regardless of genes. In other words, nurture has a bigger influence on life outcomes than nature. Check out the chart below.


(Via the Atlantic)

What now? Boston withdrew its bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics on Monday, and now the U.S. is left without a potential host city. Gizmodo thinks Los Angeles should fill the void. After all, they already have a lot of the Olympic facilities in place, because they hosted the Games back in 1984. LA’s past Games (it also hosted them in 1932) were also models of financial stability, according to the tech site. Check out our story from Wednesday explaining why Boston’s bid failed

In hot water. Twitter’s stock hit a 52-week low on Wednesday, as interim CEO Jack Dorsey said the company won’t start growing again until it figures out how to market itself to the masses, USA Today reports. Though the company’s revenue was up from last year and it’s making more money per user than it ever has before, it still hasn’t turned a profit.

This is cool. Ever wonder how it feels to write an online article that goes viral? Pacific Standard  talked to writers like the Awl’s Choire Sicha, Ratter’s A.J. Daulerio and BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos to find out.