Must Read Money Stories For Wednesday, July 8

by July 8, 2015

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Space money. After a brief scare over July 4 weekend when scientists lost contact with NASA’s $700 million spacecraft New Horizons, the mission is about to get exciting. The piano-sized robot is fast approaching Pluto and its moons, and it has already taken a few tantalizing close ups of the dwarf planet, National Geographic writes. Meanwhile, astronomers are proposing a new space telescope that could make Hubble look like a pair of binoculars, but they haven’t put a price tag on it yet.

Is capitalism causing climate change? Pope Francis thinks so. But Quartz contributor Manuel Hinds disagrees. Hinds wrote on Tuesday that the former Soviet Union was among one of the most negligent countries when it came to environmental protection. The Aral Sea, once the fourth largest lake in the world, disappeared thanks to the USSR’s damaging industrial endeavors.

Teenage pregnancies are down in Colorado. The New York Times writes that the birthrate among teenagers plummeted by 40 percent in Colorado between 2009 and 2013, thanks to the state’s long-acting birth control program. However, the initiative — which is funded by a private grant — is running out of money. It’s unclear if the Affordable Care Act will cover the entire cost of the contraception devices, which come with price tags between $800 and $900.

Are you a freelance podcaster? Read this. Nieman Lab’s Joseph Lichterman talked to AIR, an advocacy group for independent radio producers, about how much freelancers should be making per story. According to them, an expert producer should expect to make $1,500 for a lengthy feature story.

Is Germany forgetting its own history? European leaders are giving Greece until Thursday to propose a new plan to resolve its debt crisis. Eduardo Porter writes in the Times that German leaders should remember their own history before they make any rash decisions regarding Greece. Back in 1953, West Germany got its debts cut in half, and shortly after it developed a booming economy. Porter thinks Angela Merkel and EU leaders should give Greece that same chance.