Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, Aug. 27

by August 27, 2015

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Gun control. Walmart says it will stop selling military-style semi-automatic rifles at its stores. A company spokesman told CNNMoney the move is in response to slumping demand for these kinds of rifles, and not a response to yesterday’s horrific shooting in Roanoke, Va.

After the cameras left. There are lots of stories out there this week reflecting on the 10 year anniversary of Katrina. This long-read from BuzzFeed is one worth checking out. BuzzFeed follows up with a woman who showed up frequently in the news immediately after Katrina as one of the positive stories. After her home was destroyed, she moved to Utah, was given a home and furniture and found a job. But when the cameras went away, her new life became much, much harder.

Make up your mind, stock market. Early in the day yesterday, the New York Times posted a thoughtful piece about how plummeting stock prices were an inevitable result of global financial events. In short, this piece argued, we should have seen the crisis coming. So how did Wall Street react yesterday? By sending stock prices higher, regaining much of the ground lost earlier in the week. Gawker has a theory about all this, if you care to read it.

Something fishy. If you bought a can of Starkist tuna inside the United States sometime between 2009 and 2014, the Consumerist has a story for you. You may be eligible for $25 in cash, or $50 in tuna. This odd opportunity comes about because of a class-action lawsuit filed by a man claiming that Starkist intentionally under-filled its tuna cans by a few tenths of an ounce. Starkist didn’t admit guilt, but it did settle the suit. If you want your share of the tuna money, Consumerist says to head to

TV fight. NPR reports the FCC is stepping in to resolve the biggest blackout in TV history. The dispute is between Dish Network and Sinclair Broadcasting Group. The blackout affects channels in 79 American markets, reaching 5 million viewers.