Must Read Money Stories For Friday, Sept. 11

by September 11, 2015

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Baseball means business. Mets pitcher Matt Harvey’s run in with management might be the best example of the modern employer-employee relationship a business professor could ask for, the Upshot writes. This is Harvey’s first full season after Tommy John surgery, and his doctor doesn’t want him to pitch more than 180 innings; the Mets have hinted that they want him to go beyond his doctor’s recommendation. Neil Irwin writes the same thing happens in modern workplaces. Some employers look at their employees as longterm investments, and cut them slack when they have health or family problems, and others let them go at the first sign of trouble.

Hollywood is watching.  Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation had a gigantic Chinese debut on Tuesday, raking in $18.2 million at the box office. That makes it one of the highest openings ever in China, according to the Guardian. Experts say the country will have the world’s biggest box office in just three years, so expect Hollywood studio heads to always keep China in mind when they’re producing a new film.

The future of cars. The Inverse spoke with transportation engineer and author Samuel Schwartz about the future of motor vehicles in New York City. Schwartz thinks that cars will be around in NYC for awhile, but many of them will be driverless. To make up for the huge demand for public transit, the engineer thinks there will be more street cars running across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, as well as bike and pedestrian bridges crossing the East River.

The new normal? The Cut asks if actions like the one Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis took to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples are just the beginning. The blog thinks that local lawmakers around the country could make it difficult for same-sex couples to get married in the same way that they’ve obfuscated women’s access to abortion.

Uber, podcasted. The smart writers over at the Awl made a podcast about the ride-hailing giant, which has a market cap of more than $40 billion. It’s worth a listen.