Must Read Money Stories For Friday, Sept. 25

by September 25, 2015

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Adieu. Speaker John Boehner resigned early today, as a possible government shutdown looms in the horizon. The New York Times has the developing story.

Time is money. NPR investigated the cost of all those interruptions (texts, tweets, viral videos, etc.) modern workers have to deal with, and found that they decrease productivity significantly. It also discovered wearing a helmet that gives off light electrical shocks helps us refocus after watching those silly cat videos.

Fantasy sports and gambling. The Upshot’s Neil Irwin opened a DraftKings account — a fantasy sports site with real money a stake — to investigate how easy it is for the normal consumer to win big. Irwin found that the average American would win far more betting on games Las Vegas style, but, as many of you probably know, that type of gambling is illegal outside of Nevada.

The Pope, in New York. Pope Francis is addressing the United Nations early today, and the New York Times expects him to touch on climate change, poverty and the Syrian refugee crisis. The Holy Father also addressed the U.S. Congress yesterday, and spent a lot of time talking about America’s broken immigration system. Here’s a link to the full transcript of his speech.

Look on the bright side. The Economist thinks Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, which primarily involved diesel vehicles, could encourage carmakers to embrace the electric car

The hike is coming. Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen laid out an exhaustive argument yesterday for raising U.S. benchmark interest rates, the Wall Street Journal reports. Toward the end of her speech, Yellen abruptly stopped speaking and sought medical attention; the Fed says this was caused by dehydration.