Must Read Money Stories For Monday, Sept. 28

by September 28, 2015

MRMSSpeaker Boehner’s shock move. House Speaker John Boehner shocked Washington on Friday by announcing he’ll leave his position and Congress at the end of October. The move could have ramifications this week, when lawmakers have to decide whether to finance the government or shut it down. Reuters says the chances of that happening are less with Boehner on the way out, but the possibility still looms.

MLB’s new young executives. We’ve written about the changing nature of baseball general managers, who now are rarely former players, but business strategists. Many of them are younger than than the usual grizzled veteran. ESPN points out the new boss of the Milwaukee Brewers, David Stearns, is 30 years old, a Harvard graduate, and “the baby faced embodiment of the new generation of baseball executives.” Last week, the Boston Red Sox also promoted Mike Hazen, 39, a dad of four who has spent 10 years with the club, to a senior position.

Pope Francis warns on social media. Pope Francis has returned to Rome, after drawing massive crowds in Washington, New York and Philadephia the past week. On Sunday, the Pope, who tweets as @pontifex, interestingly cautioned against getting too wrapped up in social media. Said the Pope: “Running after the latest fads, accumulating ‘friends’ on one of the social networks, we get caught up in what contemporary society has to offer. Loneliness with fear of a commitment in a limitless effort to feel recognized.” By the way, the Pope did not tweet from his English account during his U.S. visit; he may have been too busy being surrounded by well-wishers.

Oil boom soap opera. The oil boom in North Dakota is now the subject of a TV soap opera. “Blood & Oil” made its debut on ABC Sunday night, telling the stories of characters in the oil patch, where even unskilled workers can make gobs of money. Marketplace reports that the show, featuring Don Johnson as an oil tycoon, is a serious, gritty drama. “Blood & Oil” comes as viewers have embraced another business themed show, “Empire,” the Fox saga of the hip-hop record industry.