How To Cover Money Rewind: Business for Broadcast

by December 11, 2015

In Series 2, Episode 2, Ben Bergman of KPCC grapples with a unique issue covering business journalism for broadcast. “We’re always told in radio, ‘don’t use any numbers. Take the numbers out of your story.’ And of course what is business about but numbers?” asks Bergman. “So the challenge is having enough numbers to have the heft of your story, but also make it interesting.”

Writing a business story for broadcast is tricky, as your audience may be distracted. A good journalist knows of ways to balance giving important information without bogging down listeners. In this episode, Bergman shares some great tips from his experiences with NPR reporter Steve Inskeep.

As podcast host Micki Maynard points out, business reporters working in broadcast face some unique challenges. Broadcast journalists must often:

  1. Find a character to help tell the story.
  2. Weave in numbers in a way that doesn’t alienate, bore or confuse the audience.
  3. Do great storytelling.
  4. Write a script that sets things up for the host or anchor.
  5. Write print accompaniment for video and audio pieces.

Bergman and our podcast hosts advise on how to effectively cover business as a broadcast reporter. With multimedia reporting becoming increasingly essential, you’ll want these skills. Check out more tips from this episode of How To Cover Money.

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