Must Read Money Stories for March 1, 2016

by March 1, 2016

MRMSBuffett responds. Warren Buffett says “it’s not true” that a mobile home company he owns has been charging minority customers more. The Seattle Times and Buzzfeed News reported in December that Clayton Homes, a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, charges “substantially” more to its minority customers. CNBC asked Buffett about the findings yesterday.

Daring dairy. A new kind of milk is making a splash in the dairy industry, even if most U.S. customers have never heard of it. Bloomberg says a2 Milk has been in the business for over a decade, and its sales have slowly climbed in Australia, where the company is based. A2 only uses milk from cows that produce a certain kind of protein. Bloomberg reports a2 has gone mainstream in Australia, outselling organic milk, and the company has grown in the United States. But not everyone is convinced a2’s milk is better than regular options.

Measuring up. Subway says it will no longer sell its customers short on foot long subs. The company lost a class-action lawsuit filed in New York that claimed its footlongs were more like 11-inch longs. The AP says the judge in the case ordered Subway to pay more than half a million dollars in legal fees, and $500 each for the 10 brave souls who brought the case forward.

A minor fender-bender in California earlier this month became a big business story yesterday. That’s because the car responsible for the crash had no driver. The accident marks the first time one of Google’s driverless cars was at fault in an accident, Re/Code reports. Google said in a statement it “bear[s] some responsibility.”

Subway” by Flickr user “yum9me” CC license BY-NC-ND 2.0