Must Read Money Stories for Thursday, March 3

by March 3, 2016

MRMSTragic end. Aubrey McClendon, a pioneer in the shale-gas industry, died in a fiery car crash yesterday. As of this writing, many questions about McClendon’s death remain. Police in Oklahoma City said McClendon was alone in his vehicle, traveling well above the speed limit, with plenty of time to avoid a collision. “He pretty much drove straight into a wall,” the police chief said, according to NewsOK. McClendon’s death came one day after being indicted on federal antitrust charges. NewsOK has a rundown of reactions on McLendon’s death from social media.

Invitation to hack. Calling all hackers: The U.S. Department of Defense wants you to break into its network. NPR reports the offer is only available to hackers who manage to pass a background check. The Pentagon will offer a bounty to any hacker who manages to find a vulnerability in its system. NPR notes the new bounty program comes as the Defense Department works on a new $600 million computer program to do background checks.

TV execs love Trump. Donald Trump’s unexpected, and enduring rise in the presidential race has been great business for TV networks, according to Quartz. While people in the political world continue to divide over what Trump means for the race, CBS chief Les Moonves was unequivocal with his investors. “It may not be good for America,” Moonves said of the Trump phenomenon. “But it’s damn good for CBS.”

No profit, no problem. The Washington Post reports on some new jobs numbers that confirm what economists had suspected: Non-profits in the U.S. continued hiring even during the darkest parts of the Great Recession. The non-profit sector acted as a counter-balance to the punishing job losses in other parts of the economy, even as donations to non-profits dropped.

Spring 2012 Student Hackathon Coding” by Flickr user “hackny” CC license CC By-SA 2.0