Must Read Money Stories for Tuesday, March 15

by March 15, 2016

MRMSWaterworld. A new study estimates that rising sea levels could displace more than 13 million Americans in coming decades. The Miami Herald reports half of the affected people will be Floridians, with a quarter of the total coming from South Florida. The study builds on previous estimates by incorporating population growth estimates into the previous estimates of sea-level rise.

Doing good to do well. Why do profit-driven companies take on corporate social responsibility campaigns? The Atlantic looks at new research into what companies get out of doing good. Turns out, being socially responsible can be good for business. But also, companies usually don’t take such actions until after they get caught doing something bad.

Car talk. Google goes before a Congressional committee today to make the case for self-driving cars. Companies pursuing autonomous vehicles say the government should create new safety standards for the cars, and eliminated requirements for things like rear view mirrors. Algorithms don’t need rear view mirrors to drive a car. Clearly.

Don’t call it a comeback. The odds of a global recession are getting stronger, according to Morgan Stanley. CNBC reports Morgan Stanley now says there’s a 30 percent chance of a recession starting within the next year. That’s up from the previous 20 percent chance. Oil prices and monetary policy are the two factors weighing on economists’ minds, the report states.

South Beach Miami Early Morning” by Flickr user  “Beachfront Solutions” cc license CC by-SA 2.0.