Must Read Money Stories for Tuesday, March 29

by March 29, 2016

MRMSA name you should know. Buzzfeed spent some time with Sundar Pichai, one of the most important, but least famous, business executives in the U.S. Pichai is CEO of Google, the largest and most profitable division of the company now known as Alphabet. Despite his important role, Pichai hasn’t yet achieved the same celebrity status as other tech execs. Earlier this year, Pichai walked the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, checking out new gadgets and asking questions without being identified.

It’s here. It’s really here. The L.A. Times proclaims the “virtual-reality era” has arrived. This week, the much anticipated Oculus Rift VR headsets will start arriving in customers’ homes. Several other virtual reality headsets are either already available, or will be soon. The L.A. Times talked to one analyst who believes VR will be a more revolutionary technology than smartphones. But for now, the headsets are mostly targeted at the hard-core gaming customers. It could take awhile for the headsets to go mainstream.

Testing the system. Reuters published an investigation of vulnerabilities in the SAT college exam. Turns out, students prepping for the SAT in Asia have been able to take advantage of those vulnerabilities far more than students in the U.S. Reuters reports some Asian test-prep companies give their students “essentially an answer key” to help them prepare. The answer key comes from previous SAT exams that have leaked.

Highway to higher costs. A number of cities across the country are moving forward with expensive plans to expand highways near the heart of the city, despite evidence that these expansion don’t help ease congestion, according to The Atlantic. Expanding highways has long been seen as a way to drive growth in cities. But that view is now being increasingly challenged.

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc. Formerly SVP and Product Chief of Chrome and Apps at Google” by flickr user “pestoverde” Creative Commons license CC by 2.0.