Must Read Money Stories for Wednesday, March 16

by March 16, 2016

The Fed After meeting on Tuesday, the Federal Reserve won’t change interest rates right now. However, Reuters reported that top officials indicated that if economic progress–such as the improving job market–continues, a rate hike may come soon. The U.S. central bank first announced interest rate increases back at its December meeting, its first since the Fed moved the rate to zero in 2008. And since the rate dropped to zero, that rate change helped spur investment. But the effect has not been so great for savers, according to CNBC which cited a study estimating that the policy has cost savers $7.5 billion.

McDs delivery by drone? Online food delivery marketplace GrubHub officials imagine a world where you could order McDonald’s from a screen in your car and have it delivered to you via drone. Industry executives discussed the future of food delivery at South by Southwest, according to the Chicago Tribune. While delivery isn’t there yet, the fast food giant is experimenting with delivery in New York City. Currently, delivery workers stand in line and order food for customers and then race the deliveries to them.

CEO pay The media has widely reported that the American public thinks corporate CEOs are over compensated, but a new survey shows that the public doesn’t actually know how much is too much. The Atlantic reported on the survey co-conducted by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Law School. Respondents thought CEOs made nearly $1 million on average, in reality that number nudges $10 million. Most respondents thought that CEOs were overpaid even though they lacked the full picture of their compensation.

Will free burritos work for Chipotle? After a pretty bad year for Chipotle, the burrito restaurant once known for its high-quality food is working a strategy to give its product away. The hope: to bring back its loyal customer base. Reuters reports that company is hoping to remind customers about the quality ingredients and prove it’s over the multiple health scares that drove down sales in recent months. Company officials plan to update investors on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Free Burrito Day at Chipotle” by Flickr user “Lorne Sykora” CC license CC by 2.0