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April 2016

new health and wealth data

New Health and Wealth Data: Insights for Journalists

New evidence shows that the wealthiest Americans outlive their poorer counterparts, and it’s sparked new conversations about the interplay between wealth, poverty and health. Here is what you should know

How to Cover Money logo

Covering the business of pot

In this episode of the How to Cover Money podcast, Ricardo Baca, editor of The Denver Post’s website The Cannabist; and Kevin Dale, executive editor of Arizona PBS’s Cronkite News, who

City Hall

Good business stories start at City Hall

Business reporters are a rare bunch at local newspapers. Many papers no longer carry business sections, but this isn’t exactly new. As early as 2008, Columbia Journalism Review, CJR, noted

Jack Lew Dept Treasury

Tax inversions: A quick guide

The trend to move corporate headquarters overseas has been growing since the 1980s. But earlier this month, President Obama lauded new U.S. Treasury Department rules that make tax inversions less

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