Must Read Money Stories for Thursday, May 19

by May 19, 2016

MRMSBoom town goes bust.

Reuters went to the town of Williston, North Dakota to find out how it’s coping with the oil bust. More than 80,000 people moved to North Dakota as the state’s fracking boom went into full effect in recent years. Now, many of those people have fled. The local Salvation Army can’t keep up with demand for aid. The bust even forced the strip club to close.

Low energy.

Southern California may not have enough energy to make it through the summer. The Los Angeles Times reports state regulators are forecasting plenty of electricity to meet demand for most of the state. But Southern California lacks  natural gas. A massive leak from the Aliso Canyon storage well that went on for months largely caused the shortage and state officials are now urging energy conservation to help make it through the summer in SoCal.

Google gadgets.

Google announced a slew of new products at its I/O developer conference yesterday. Re/Code has a rundown of the announcements, which were big on virtual reality and artificial intelligence. TechCrunch looks at Google Home, an AI assistant that’s expected to compete with the Amazon Echo for customers.

Aspen “affordability.”

City council members in Aspen, Colorado, approved plans yesterday for new affordable homes. Although, in Aspen, “affordable” is a relative term. The new homes will sell for $1.3 million each according to The Aspen Times. The homes will only be available to residents with total assets of less than $900,000.

Pump” by flickr user “lindseygee” CC license CC by 2.0.